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As Seen in Forbes & Fortune: An Ever-Evolving Commitment to Humanize Corporate Matchmaking

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Despite not finishing college, Sarah Englade’s personability, keen eye for talent, and surprising start to the world of recruiting sets her apart from the competition.

Picture this. A brunette, green-eyed little girl is catching monarch butterflies in her backyard in Haverhill, Massachusetts. She saw the world around her, and recognized her infinite potential. Then, at 23, Sarah Englade took a risk and moved to Houston, where she saw endless opportunities for both career and life growth.

Englade worked as a practice director and medical esthetician for medical spas. Noticing her drive, ambition, and charisma, a friend asked Englade if she ever considered pursuing a career in recruiting — something Englade knew nothing about. She closed the door on her esthetician career and opened the door to the world of recruiting, where she instantly fell in love.

“There’s so much more to recruiting than finding candidates jobs and finding clients skilled candidates,” says Englade. Having placed over 2,800 professionals since 2012, she understands the market dynamics that dictate the recruitment process, thus building teams for top-tier companies, making her an authority in the field. She’s also a master at making people feel at ease while asking unique questions to better understand their backgrounds, so she can carefully connect candidates with companies that align with their core values.

Englade worked for two global recruitment firms before taking her final leap of faith, and opening her own boutique recruiting firm — which specializes in direct hire accounting, finance, and human resources personnel for companies throughout Houston. In 2020, Englade opened Monarch Talent Solutions with a mission to put humanity back into hiring.

“Assisting individuals in building connections and establishing a solid professional foundation is the trademark of my work,” says Englade.

Humanize It.

Englade has long had a sense of conviction in her career, particularly when she helped a candidate overcome mental health and financial barriers to secure a position at an accounting firm. “Witnessing a positive transformation in the candidate’s life — from homelessness to stable accommodation and sustained employment — was an immensely gratifying experience,” she says.

Since then, Englade has continuously derived a sense of purpose from knowing that her work has had a tangible impact on the lives of others. “I want everyone to leave our conversations with a fresh resume and skills advice, even if they’re not a good fit for current clients,” she says.

Englade’s firm offers complementary services, including LinkedIn profile optimization, formatting assistance, and interview preparation to job seekers. Englade also collaborates with Dress for Success, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering women to achieve economic independence. Establishing practical, achievable objectives is also part of her process. In contrast to large global firms that cast broad nets, Englade believes that the “boutique” size of her firm is what makes fostering long-term and meaningful relationships possible.

“From the thriving oil and gas sector and the burgeoning manufacturing industry to the ever-evolving renewable energy and technology sectors, there are endless opportunities here in Houston for anyone who seeks them,” Englade continues.

Sarah Englade

Sarah Englade is the Owner and Founder of Monarch Talent Solutions, a boutique recruitment firm that specializes in mid-executive level direct-hire roles in accounting, finance, and human resources throughout Houston, TX.

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